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Investments to Hedge Against Inflation

5 Investments to Hedge Against Inflation

5 investments to hedge against inflation


Inflation was the main concern this year. We'll look at five investment options that could be a good place to start wh ...
Bitcoin fractional shares

Bitcoin fractional shares: Can you buy fractional shares of Bitcoin?

bitcoin fractional shares: can you buy fractional shares of bitcoin?


Yes, you can buy fractional shares of Bitcoin! Check our top picks for the best crypto exchanges for bitcoin fractiona ...
Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs

Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs: Everything you need to know!

bored ape yacht club nfts: everything you need to know!


The Bored Ape NFTs are the world's most valuable NFT collection. Discover all about the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs and ...
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Stocks: What is Your Real Country/Currency Exposure?

stocks: what is your real country/currency exposure?


Do you intuitively think that you are increasing your exposure to the US by investing in a US company, right? And if i ...
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Can You Profit From a Reverse Stock Split?

can you profit from a reverse stock split?


What impact does a reverse stock split has on a company? Is there any way to take advantage of such corporate action? ...
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Types of Orders | Trading Guide with Practical Examples

types of orders | trading guide with practical examples


Are you aware of the type of orders your broker offers? Do you really know what each one means? Let's dive into it!
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Online Brokers – All About Investor Protection in the EU

online brokers – all about investor protection in the eu


Have you ever wonder what happens if your broker goes bust? In this article, we will give you all the details you need ...
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Considering a Leveraged Europe ETF? Think twice!

considering a leveraged europe etf? think twice!


A leveraged Europe ETF is a very tempting way to monetise a possible convergency between the US and European stock mar ...
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Roth IRA: is there a UK Equivalent? Yes! Full explanation!

roth ira: is there a uk equivalent? yes! full explanation!


Want to know what option to do have in the UK to have 95% of the benefits that a Roth IRA offers in the US? You will b ...
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Negative EPS | How bad is it for a company?

negative eps | how bad is it for a company?


Every single investor gives high importance to the EPS figure! But when it comes up as a negative value, should you be ...
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Robo-advisors in Europe: what investors should know!

robo-advisors in europe: what investors should know!


Want to know what a Robo-advisor really is, its pros and cons, and important information that European investors shoul ...
CFDs vs Shares

CFDs vs Shares: Understand the Differences!

cfds vs shares: understand the differences!


Are you really aware of what distinguishes CFDs from Shares? Plus, have you ever noticed that the majority of CFD trad ...
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CFDs vs Leveraged Products: Is There Any Difference?

cfds vs leveraged products: is there any difference?


The financial industry is full of jargon. CFDs and Leveraged Products are two concepts used interchangeably but they d ...
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Types of Peer-to-Peer Lending Companies

types of peer-to-peer lending companies


If you are considering an investment in P2P lending, one of the most important decision you must make is selecting the ...
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Peer to Peer Lending Regulation

peer to peer lending regulation


Proper regulation of European P2P lending companies has been quite challenging throughout the history of the industry, ...
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P2P Lending Returns

p2p lending returns


The question of much money you can make lending money in Peer-to-Peer lending platforms is interesting, and it's some ...
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The History of P2P Lending

the history of p2p lending


Over the course of the past two decades, society has witnessed an enormous amount of changes in the way people conduct ...
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What is Crowdlending?

what is crowdlending?


The traditional banking model has been in existence since the Bank of England began issuing banknotes in 1695. The ol ...
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What is Equity Crowdfunding?

what is equity crowdfunding?


In this article, we explain what equity crowdfunding really is, its pros and cons, as well as how to choose the best p ...
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What is Real Estate Crowdfunding?

what is real estate crowdfunding?


This article will focus on what real estate crowdfunding is, how it works, as well as how to choose the best real esta ...
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What is a Robo-Advisor?

what is a robo-advisor?


Want to know what is a robo-advisor, their pros and cons, and if we recommend them? We’ve got you covered!
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