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Webull Referral Bonus: Get up to 12 Free Stocks!

Pedro Braz| Updated January 12th, 2023

Founded in 2017, Webull is a relatively new online broker, but don’t let that fool you. The company has grown to become one of the largest discount brokers in the market today. One tool it used to gain such popularity is the Webull free stock promotion.

The promotion means you get free stock as a Webull sign-up bonus, and you’re able to refer friends, earning more free stock each time one signs up and makes their first deposit. Learn more about promotion terms and how to get your free stock from Webull below.

Simply open a Webull account using this Webull referral link and you’ll get up to 12 free stocks once you meet the qualifying criteria explained below.

Webull Free Stock Promotion terms

💰 Webull Bonus Up to 12 free stocks
🤝🏿 Condition 2 free shares upon signup; 4 to 10 additional free shares upon deposit. Additional shares by referring users.
🏆 Webull Referral Link / Code Webull Referral Link (built-in Webull Referral code)
🌐 Available in USA

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How do I get free stocks from Webull?

Here’s a straightforward step-by-step guide explaining how this referral bonus works:

  1. Use the link: Click on this Webull referral link.
  2. Sign up & get 2 free shares: When you sign up for Webull, you’ll receive two free shares valued somewhere between $3 and $300.
  3. Deposit funds & get 4 to 10 additional shares: When you deposit funds into your Webull account, you’ll receive between four and ten free shares valued between $7 and $3,000.
  4. Refer friends & earn additional shares: When you refer friends who sign up for Webull and complete their first deposit, you’ll receive between two and three free shares of stock valued between $3 and $3,000. 

Keep in mind you need to claim any free stock you earn from Webull. If you fail to claim your free shares within 30 days of the free stock triggers mentioned above, you forfeit them.

What’s the value of the free stocks?

Promotion Free Stock Value
Account Opening Bonus $3 – $300
Initial Deposit Bonus $7 – $3000
Referral Bonus $3 – $3000

The odds of receiving stock with a specific price per share are as follows:

Account opening bonus odds:

  • $3 – $10, approximately 1:1.02;
  • $11 – $50, approximately 1:52.63;
  • $51 – $150, approximately 1:1111.11; and
  • $151 – $300, approximately 1:10000.

Deposit bonus odds:

  • Shares in the $7/share – $30/share, approximately 1:1.02;
  • shares in the $31/share – $100/share, approximately 1:52.63;
  • shares in the $101/share – $999/share, approximately 1:1111.11;
  • shares in the $1000/share – $3000/share, approximately 1:10000.

When can I withdraw my free stock?

Some online brokers that offer free shares of stock require you to wait up to 90 days to sell your free shares and withdraw the proceeds from the platform. That’s not the case with Webull. You can sell your shares as soon as they settle in your account. You can also withdraw the funds anytime you want.

The company typically issues and settles free shares within 10 days of the free share triggers mentioned above.

Bottom line

The Webull free stock bonus is a great way to get introduced to the stock trading app.

The conditions are fairly straightforward. Still, there are some caveats you need to account for:

  • The deposit must be made within 10 days after opening the account;
  • Stock Rewards must be claimed through the Webull mobile app within 30 days of the Reward Date.

Hopefully this answers all your questions about the Webull referral bonus. Make sure you use our referral link to qualify. And, once you’re set up, send out your own unique refer a friend link to start racking up even more free shares! Let us know how you get on in the comments below.

Want to know more details about the Webull promotion? Just read the complete terms in the Webull website.

Pedro Braz
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