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XTB vs Trading 212: 2024 Comparison

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May 17, 2024

Are you confused about whether to choose XTB vs Trading 212 as a broker for your investing needs?

In this side-by-side comparison, we analyse XTB vs Trading 212 to help you understand how these apps compare on some of the most common features and make a better-informed decision about the best broker for you.

Below, you’ll find the pros and cons of each broker, as well as a comparison table that features the different fees charged, the financial instruments supported, the regulation, and more. Keep reading!

XTB vs Trading 212

  1. XTB is best for commission-free ETFs and CFDs
  2. Trading 212 is best for interest and commission-free trading

Side-by-side comparison

Category XTB Trading 212
Demo account Yes Yes
Account minimum €/$/£1 €/£10
Interest on uninvested cash (annually) EUR: 4.20% first 90 days, then 2.00% (quoted annually); USD: Up to 5% first 90 days, then 2.50% (quoted annually); GBP: 5.20% EUR: 4.20%; USD: 5.10%; GBP: 5.20%
US stocks fees €0Up to €100.000 in monthly volume transactions – Only applicable in some countries. €/£0
EU stock fees €0Up to €100.000 in monthly volume transactions – Only applicable in some countries. €/£0
ETFs €0Up to €100.000 in monthly volume transactions – Only applicable in some countries. €/£0
Currency conversion fee 0.50% 0.15%
Regulators FCA, KNF, CySEC, DFSA and FSC. FCA, CySEC and FSC.

About XTB

XTB is a well-known online broker listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. It has two trading platforms (xStation 5 and xStation Mobile), a diverse range of tradeable instruments, and exceptional customer service.

xStation Mobile is a premier application for charts and technical analysis, with the ability to apply numerous indicators like moving averages and volume. Navigation is simple, with an intuitive order placing for any asset class.

On the negative side, XTB has a limited product portfolio and charges a €10 monthly inactivity fee (after 1+ year with no activity plus no deposit in the last 90 days).

XTB dashboard

XTB pros and cons


  • Free stocks trading (only applicable to some countries)
  • Customizable trading platform (charts and workspace)
  • Low Forex Spreads
  • Demo account
  • No minimum account deposit
  • Valuable education materials
  • Top-tier Regulators


  • Complex trading platform for a beginner
  • High Stock CFD spreads
  • Limited product portfolio
  • Withdrawal fees for transfers below $100
  • Inactivity fee (€10/monthly after 1+ year with no activity plus no deposit in the last 90 days)

About Trading 212

Trading 212 is a fintech based in London that aims to democratize the entire investment process through a simple web and mobile application.

The company aims to do this by allowing its more than 15 million users to invest in over 10,000 stocks and ETFs, Forex, commodities, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies.

You will find commission-free stocks and ETFs trading, fractional shares, and even an automatic investment system. New users get one free share worth up to €100 (promo code IITW). On the downside, it shows limitations regarding available products.

Trading 212 free share promo

Trading 212 pros and cons


  • Commission-free Real Stocks and ETFs trading (other fees may apply. See terms and fees)
  • AutoInvest & Pies feature
  • Fast and easy account opening process
  • Demo account
  • Top Tier Regulators
  • One free share worth up to €100 using the promo code "IITW"
  • High interest on uninvested cash


  • Limited product portfolio (no Options, Bonds, Mutual Funds or Futures)
  • No relevant Fundamental tools
  • Spreads on Forex CFDs may be high in certain trading hours
  • Foreign exchange fees (0.15% and 0.50% in “Invest” and “CFDs” accounts, respectively)

Trading 212 vs XTB: our veredict

  1. XTB
    Best for commission-free ETFs and CFDs
  2. Trading 212
    Best for interest and commission-free trading

Choosing between these two online brokers isn’t always an obvious decision. The differences between XTB vs Trading 212 come from the trading platforms, products, fees, and security. Do you prefer a basic trading platform? Do you want to invest in ETFs only? Do you value security more?

Ultimately, the best online broker for you will depend on your profile, personal preferences, and objectives. Explore the websites above and decide for yourself!

Want to know more about XTB vs Trading 212? Explore our in-depth broker reviews, comparison table, and BrokerMatch tool.

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