What We Do

We at Investing in the Web aim to help investors find, learn, compare and choose from the hundreds of different platforms to save and invest online. We personally search, try out, review and compare the latest fintechs.
Avoid scams, get unbiased reviews, tips and recommendations, and invest in the platforms that best suit your needs.

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Why Investing in the Web

The current online recommendations/comparison industry is saturated and has some conflicts of interest – there is an incentive to recommend the platforms that pay more.

This results in not so good fintechs recommendations for investors and very little education since platforms comparison and recommendations generate more money, leading to bad investments. 

At Investing the Web, we want to be 100% aligned with our clients – investors -, so that we can help them achieve their main objective – make profits.

Our Promise

What pushed us to create Investing in the Web was our passion for the most recent advancements in the investment industry and a drive to change how most affiliate websites work. As such, we’ve established 3 pillars on which we want to build our company.

Social Trading Concepts


Help you make better-informed decisions – learn about the most recent ways to invest online, how they work, the risks and realistic potential returns, as well as tips to help you in your investing journey.

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Unbiased Fintechs Recommendations

Even though we get a commission from some of the fintechs we mention, our recommendations are independent of our partnerships.

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Easy to understand

No finance degree required! Investing in the Web is here to help you learn more about the most recent ways to invest in an easy-to-understand and friendly way.

Our Team

We are only as good as the company we surround ourselves with. Our team is comprised of people who share the same vision of reshaping the way we save and invest.

If there’s anything we can help you with, feel free to reach us through the different social media channels we’re on.

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Pedro Braz

Co-founder, Marketing

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Franklin Carneiro da Silva

Co-founder, Finance
CFA Level III Candidate

Tony Nasr

Tony Nasr, CFA, FRM

Fintech Analyst

Robbie Hilado

Robbie Hilado


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