eToro Referral Bonus: $50 referral code!

Franklin Silva| Updated January 13th, 2022

eToro is a famous online broker who brought a new feature in the investing world: copying other investors (aka social trading)!

That, alongside the fact that it offers commission-free trades in most countries where it operates, has made eToro one of the leading brokerages worldwide.

Recently, eToro began its US expansion by offering crypto investing, and soon stock investing, with no commissions.

As part of its marketing strategy and to fuel the growth of its customer base, eToro started promoting a $50 bonus for new users.

In this article, you will find a detailed analysis of the eToro referral bonus, the countries where the promotion is available, and other details. Just keep reading!

What is the eToro referral bonus?

The eToro referral program is designed to incentivise current clients to refer new clients. If the conditions are met, both earn a $50 reward.

You get a $50 reward after opening a trade of at least 100$ย and additional $50 bonuses per person you invite through your link (limited to a maximum of 10 referrals)!

After qualifying for the referral bonus, users must wait around 7-10 days to receive the reward.

Where is the eToro referral program available?

The eToro $50 bonus is available in the US (45 states), the UK, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore.ย eToro has 2 separate referral programs:

How to get the $50 eToro bonus

eToro US Referral Bonus

As a US resident, to get your eToro free referral bonus, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Click this referral link
  2. Verify that you are living within one of the eligible states (+40 states)
  3. Deposit funds in eToro
  4. Make a trade of at least $100.
  5. You will receive the $50 award in your account after 7-10 days.

eToro UK Referral Bonus

As a new user under the subsidiary eToro UK Ltd (only for UK, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore residents), to get your eToro free referral bonus, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Open an account
  2. Complete your account verification
  3. Deposit a minimum of $100
  4. Make a trade of at least $100
  5. Click โ€œRefer a Friendโ€ and use your link to invite a friend!
  6. Once he/she concludes steps 2, 3 and 4, you receive $50!

eToro lets you earn up to ten shares by sharing your link with your friends, who should complete their registration process in 30 days before the offer expires.


We always applaud platforms that create win-win agreements: You are satisfied with the platform, recommend it to your friends and family, and everyone wins.

Want to know more about eToro? Read our comprehensive eToro Review to find out if it is a good broker, and go through eToroโ€™s referral bonus terms (US customers only) and eToro (UK) Ltd. Refer a Friend Terms & Conditions (for UK, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore residents) to know more details about those programs.

Other FAQs

How good is eToro as a brokerage?

If you want to know more details about eToro as a brokerage, check our eToro review.

Will the eToro referral bonus be subject to tax?

Your tax advisor should inform you about the appropriate tax treatment for this promotion.

Why do companies give free bonuses?

Companies give free bonuses as a way to incentivize referrals and grow their customer base.

Do you get anything from referring a friend on eToro?

Yes, qualified users can earn a referral bonus when referring a friend to eToro.

Can you get free shares on eToro?

No, you cannot get free shares on eToro. Qualified users can earn a $50 bonus, though.

Does eToro have a referral code?

No, eToro does not have a referral code. Instead, users can share their referral links.

Are there other trading apps offering free bonuses?

Yes. See more referral bonuses & promotions here.

Does the eToro referral bonus work in Europe?

The eToro referral bonus does not work in Europe due to regulatory requirements (excluding the UK).