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How to invest in Celsius stock? Jake Paul’s Energy Drink

Ricardo Fernandes| Updated: October 11, 2023

If you’re a fan of YouTube star Jake Paul, you’ve likely come across his energy drink, Celsius. Now, you might be wondering how to invest in stocks from his company.

Established in 2004, Celsius Holdings, Inc. aims to dominate the global health beverage market. In recent years, Celsius has surged in prominence, forging key partnerships with influential figures such as Jake Paul. Notably, the company achieved a remarkable milestone by surpassing $600 million in revenue in 2022. Impressively, it nearly matched this figure in just the first half of 2023. 

Want to know if you can invest in Celsius Holdings stocks? Wondering about alternative investments with similar exposure? We’ve got you covered!

Can you invest in Celsius Holdings stock?

Yes, you can invest in Celsius Holdings! If you were wondering whether you could ride the wave of Celsius’ success, particularly with Jake Paul’s Energy Drink, the answer is YES!

Celsius Holdings, Inc. has been a public trade company since 2006, but it’s only in recent years that it’s caught the eye of most investors. If you’re looking to invest, you can find Celsius Holdings stocks listed on NASDAQ under the ticker CELH.

Celsius Holdings stock price

Celsius Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: CELH) has been publicly traded since 2006, gaining significant traction in recent years. In just three years, its stock soared from around $4.50 to nearly $160 per share, marking a remarkable 3555% increase.

Source: Yahoo Finance

The surge is attributed to the incredible profitability of the energy drink market, with notable success stories like Monster Beverage Corp. (NASDAQ: MNST) outperforming even tech giants like Apple Inc. and, Inc. 

How to buy Celsius Holdings stock? (Step-by-step guide)

1. Choose a good stock broker

Since Celsius Holdings (NASDAQ: CELH) is traded on NASDAQ, you can choose from many brokers to help you purchase. That said, consider the terms offered by each broker and ensure the broker you pick works with residents of your country. Below, we highlight two brokers that offer CELH and are available worldwide.

Broker US Stock/ETF fee Minimum Deposit Available countries
Interactive Brokers Free for US investors. Up to $0.0035 (min $0.35) for international investors $0 Worldwide – exceptions apply.
eToro $0 $10 (varies for different countries) Worldwide – exceptions apply.

2. Open and fund your account

Once you have weighed the pros and cons of each broker, you are all set to open an account. The process usually takes a few days as the broker verifies your identity. After the process is finalised, you must deposit money into your account.

The brokers our team has selected for you boast a quick identity verification process, ensuring a faster experience so you can start investing in Celsius Holdings!

3. Place a “Buy Order”

If you have found an online broker that suits your needs, managed to open an investment account, and made the initial deposit, you are all set to buy your CELH stock. All you have to do is find the stock within your chosen broker and place a buy order. For this example, we will use the mobile version of Interactive Brokers GlobalTrader:

a) Search for Celsius Holdings Inc stock ( or the ticker “CELH”) and select it from the list:

Interactive Brokers Search Bar showing CELH stock

b) Click “Buy”: 

Interactive Brokers CELH profile in mobile app

c) Choose the order details. Now, it’s time to choose how to invest:

Interactive Brokers Entry Window

The three most important order parameters to set are:

  • Type of order: By default, Interactive Brokers sets your order type as Limit, short for Limit order. This is good since it allows you to set a maximum price at which you are willing to buy the shares. The alternatives are a Market order, which will purchase your shares at the best available price immediately, and a Stop order, which is a more sophisticated order – it will enter a market order once a specific stop price is reached (in our example above, you may set the stop price anywhere below $158.71, for instance at $156).
  • Limit price: Assuming you kept the “Limit” as the type of order, you need to set the maximum price you are willing to pay per share. If you use Market order, you do not need to fill this and will buy at the best available Ask price. If you use a Stop order, you need to set a Stop price.
  • Shares: Here, you define the number of shares you want to purchase; alternatively, you may set a dollar amount instead.

Additionally, Interactive Brokers GlobalTrader allows you to set two more parameters that are not as important:

  • TIF: Short for time in force. This option shows how long your order will remain active. It is set to Day by default, meaning it will get cancelled unless executed by the end of the day. The alternative is Good ‘Til Cancel, which means the order will be active for up to 90 days or until you cancel it manually.
  • Market Hours: This option shows in which time interval your order will be valid. The default option is Extended, meaning your order participates in trading during regular trading hours, as well as before and after the regular opening hours of the exchange. Other option available is the default, Regular, meaning your order participates in trading only during the regular opening hours of the exchange when trading is most liquid. The last option is Overnight, which means your order only participates in trading after regular hours but before the exchange opens on the next day.

d) Preview the order: Finally, it is a good idea to click Preview and double-check everything is in order. A new window will appear:

Interactive Brokers Order Entry Window

e) Place the order: Once double-checking the order parameters, close the preview window (tap anywhere outside it or click Cancel) and drag Slide to Buy to the right to finish the process.

Interactive Brokers buy/preview bar

Celsius Holdings Overview

Celsius Holdings, Inc. is a big company that makes and sells healthy drinks and liquid supplements for lots of different people. They focus on making drinks that help with energy before and after workouts and protein bars. Their main product is CELSIUS, a special kind of energy drink that helps burn calories.

CELSIUS is unique because it combines science and healthy ingredients with popular drinks. They use a special formula called MetaPlus that makes the drink work without using artificial preservatives found in many other energy drinks and sodas. CELSIUS doesn’t have chemical preservatives, aspartame, or high fructose corn syrup; it has low sodium. They use good-for-you things like green tea, ginger, calcium, chromium, B vitamins, and vitamin C.

Celsius has become increasingly popular after Jake Paul – the famous YouTuber and professional boxer, became a brand ambassador. This contract brings a fight to the table since his brother, Logan Paul, is a co-owner of another popular energy drink company, Prime Hydration.

CELH’s Financials and Performance

Once you have purchased CELH shares, keeping track of how CELH is doing relative to other competitor company’s stocks is a good idea. Doing so will give you greater insight into whether to add to your position, hold it, or sell it to pursue better opportunities elsewhere.

One platform you can use is Koyfin – you can access CELH Performance, Ownership, Earnings History, ETF Exposure, and more! Get a 20% discount on Koyfin.

Source: Koyfin

The Bottom Line

Investing in Celsius Holdings (NASDAQ: CELH), the company behind Jake Paul’s energy drink, CELSIUS, is possible and involves simple steps. With the stock listed on NASDAQ, you can choose from various brokers such as Interactive Brokers and eToro

The company has experienced substantial growth, with its stock price skyrocketing from around $4.50 to nearly $160 per share in just three years. Celsius Holdings, Inc. aims to dominate the global health beverage market and has achieved significant revenue milestones. 

If you’re interested in investing, consider the provided step-by-step guide above to purchase CELH stock and monitor its financial performance using platforms like Koyfin for informed decision-making.

Ricardo Fernandes
Fintech Analyst

Ricardo Fernandes is an undergraduate management student with a passion for finance and business. He serves as the CEO of one of Portugal's most promising junior initiatives, the Minho Investment Association, and holds the role of Ambassador for the renowned BIG-4 firm, Ernst & Young (EY).